Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tails-Baby Penny

Great News-I just learned that Penny was adopted yesterday-10/20/2013!

Baby Penny-An Eight Week Old Boxer Mix

For today's puppy, I turned to one of our rural animal controls. This is Penny from the Stover Missouri Animal Control. She was recently given away free a some type of swap meet. We know what horrors can await dogs and cats that are given away to free homes in situations like this. She is very lucky to have found her way to Stover.

Penny, a Boxer mix is about 8 weeks old and will probably grow up to be at about 35-40 pounds. 

Being just a baby, she loves being held and lavished with attention. 

To find out more about Penny, please go to her page on Petfinder. Here's hoping that someone falls in love with this little girl and gives her a loving home. 


  1. That little Penny is such a cutie and we sure hope that forever home is on the way!

  2. I hope Penny find her forever home soon, will share.


  3. Penny is adorable and so lucky something terrible didn't happen to her! sharing.

  4. What a darling! Crossing my fingers she finds a family that will love her for forever soon!

  5. Puppy Penny is a cutie. I am sure she finds a good home soon, since she made the hurdle to a rescue center not some dreadful place.
    lots of hugs and balls to play with! Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

  6. Aw what a sweetie! I'm sure someone will come by and scoop her up soon!

  7. Missed the hop yesterday :( and late catching up! Will share sweet little Penny!

  8. Too cute! Thanks for joining the hop and I'm off to share!


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