Saturday, September 7, 2013

Art That Has Been Inspired By Poodles

Every dog at sometime has probably inspired artists. Today's post has just a few works that has been inspired by
 This is part one of a multi part series because Poodles have done a lot of inspiring! Let's begin our tour...........................

Two Miniature Black PoodlesFrederick Thomas Daws. R.A. (British, 1878-1949) was
One of Britin's premier animal painters. For the money you can still get his work at auctions. 
 Check out Encore Editions

Roxy by Tom Corbin, a Kansas City based artist.

"Since 1983, colourful giant animals have been spotted around the world. Some seem to emerge right out of the water, while others hang in the balance like some kind of animal laundry between close-knit buildings. Still others stand guard atop historic landmarks and downtown balconies. Created using recycled plastic bottles by Cracking Art Group, these animals represent the art collective's strong social and environmental ethic while bringing accessible contemporary art to the masses.
Read and see more animals here.

The Blue Boy, One of the great mosaics by KG Studio in
Oakland California

Pomp by Jennifer Davis

Niko hopes you have enjoyed our first art tour.

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