Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sculptural Poodle (along with some friends)

It is time for another Art Monday. I have gathered a few sculptures inspired by Poodles and some of their friends. There are the traditional to the modern styles represented. I hope you enjoy my picks.

Pink Poodle sculpture that can be found at the Palm Springs Humane Society

Giggy, bronze by KarryL-This and many other animal sculptures can be found on her website

Black metal sculpture by Keith Bradley. This artist works out of Florida.

Standard Poodles, by Louis Paul Jonas, Bronze, 1948

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Wesley Wofford, an artist who works out of North Carolina 

Add lights to a topiary and use it indoors or out.  These topiaries can be found at Pampered Paw Gifts. An affordable sculpture. 

Rough Collie, copper resin,  by Christine Close-a U.K. sculptor

Poodle marionette created for April 2008 editorial for British Vogue, photographed by Tim Walker.

Kind mit Pudeln (Baby with Poodles)

sculpture | plaster, foil, polyurethane, and paint

Source: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
This one, to me is very interesting.  I have included a link to the museum discussing the installation. 

But does it play?-face it Mom, a real Poodle is a a whole lot better than some sculpture!
(Don't worry, I know that Niko)


  1. Excellent post.I really like it.All the pics of sculptures are awesome.Thanks for the post.
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    1. Thank You. I appreciate hearing back from people who like what we do hee.

  2. My two years old son is very interested in fiberglass sculpture of animals and I often took him to visit places where we can find them.


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