Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spoonflower Fabrics

White french poodle scooter by Greerdesign

 I ran across a very interesting web site. I was window-shopping on the Internet for interesting Poodle fabric and came across Spoonflower. The fabric is very unique and designer oriented.

This web-site is not just a place to shop. A person can create their own fabric designs. The instructions say to upload a file and Spoonflower will show you how your design will look with various repeats. There is also a variety of fabric that it can be printed on. These range from cottons to silks. A designer can have an individual shop to sell their fabric designs or the design can be kept private and not sold.  It is up to each individual. 

 On each caption I have the name of the fabric and the name of the designer's shop that can be found on the Spoonflower site. 

If you are buying one of the designs, you have the same pick of fabrics. I have not gotten anything yet so I cannot vouch for the quality. My gut feeling is that it is good stuff.  

Some More Examples of Poodle Fabrics that can be found at Spoonflower.

This is just a small sampling. There are many more on the actual site.   

Poodles in grey and white by Dogdaze_

everyone loves a corgi by

Poodles in the park - cornflower byTuppencehapenny

Samba Bassetts by robyrikker

Black french poodle pink eiffel tower byGreerdesign

Happy Dachshund Fabric

Poodle polka dots from the alphabet according to starfish byWww_nataliestarfish_com

little army of westies ii


For me, this was a great find.  I don’t know if anyone needs any dog printed fabric, but if you do Spoonflower would be a great place to look.  Or maybe you can even make your own print!  I’m thinking about it…………………….

Until next week, Good-By

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