Thursday, May 12, 2016

The French Poodle Martini Bar Is Open-Time For The Apricot Poodle!

The Poodle Martini Bar is open and I have a new cocktail. This one is dedicated to my Sophia, the first Poodle that I adopted
We've been enjoying The Apricot Poodle for a few months but it always takes me forever to get together the photo-shoot for my drinks. 

My aim for cocktails is that they are simple and delicious and think this one fits to bill. But the key to the deliciousness of The Apricot is the quality of the Apricot liqueur. I first was using some I had on hand which was a cheaper bottle and was so discouraged by the results. 

I made a trip to Lucas Liquor on a hunt and I found the Orchard liqueurs from Austria's Rothman and Winter. One of them was Apricot. It runs around $20 but is so smooth. It would be delicious in deserts too. 

So on the the drink.............

The Apricot Poodle 

1/2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 1/2 oz Apricot Orchard
2 oz Apricot Juice

Chill one martini glass (of course, this is optional....but I like to).

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a martini glass and serve. Swizzle stick is optional! 

And now to the vintage.  Just a few close ups.

My one Poodle Room swizzle stick with some vintage white and gold cloth napkins I picked up on eBay.

Yes, this is a decanter.

Admiration plate from The Romance of Fifi and Pepe by the Kentley Corp-vintage 50s

That finishes this Poodle Bar out. I  hope you enjoyed my imaginary place. Take care and it's almost the weekend. Yea!

Today we are taking part in  Thoughtless Thursday,

And a big shout out to Rukus The Eskie, Owned By A Huskie, M.K. Clinton for hosting us.

Terri and the Pack



  1. love it all! the drink looks tasty too

  2. That is so cute! Now you make me want to work on a Chocolate Lab bar!!

    1. Go for it! It is a fun thing to play with. I bet you could find a Lab Martini Bar poster.

  3. We can't get enough Poodle-ness


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