Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday's Tales Redux

I've been out of commission for a few weeks. This retired teacher has been subbing a lot! I took some time to check up on how the Standard Poodles were doing that I featured back in December and January.

Today, I can say Aberdeen has  found her home. she was a white standard. I will also mention that Aberdeen had professional photos taken of her and I wonder if that helped a little bit.

The other four, I am going to re-feature here. I knew these Standards were going to be hard. Bean is not a Poodle but he comes with Puppy. It's a packaged deal.

 Tango still needs a home.

He's needs a second chance with someone who understands the needs of Standard Poodles, which his first owner certainly did not.  He's in South Carolina and you would have to go and meet him. The rescue will not ship. His Petfinder Bio is HERE.

Puppy and Bean

This is especially a hard one. You have to adopt them together. They are sole mates and go into deep depression if separated. A Standard and a Pittie. I just hope that someday the right people will come along. 



Puppy's Petfinder Bio is HERE and Beans is HERE.

And finally, I have Ellie. Ellie can only be adopted by someone who lives in Georgia, so that does limit her chances. She has been socialized but still will need a lot of guidance and attention. 

I just loves this girl's eyes. Ellie's full story is HERE

There are so many animals that need homes. This is a Blog Hop and down below are others dogs and cats that need help. 


  1. So sorry these four haven't been adopted. I'll share them again.

    1. Thanks Sue, I always know I can rely on you! Take care. I just shared your Wayside Waif boy too.

  2. poor baby hope they find good homes soon

    1. They are going to be hard to place I think. It's Miss Ellie that gets to me.

  3. They are all beautiful! Wish they would find new homes real soon. Sharing.

  4. Hope all the dogs get a good home! Not just any home, a forever one.

    We have had a time getting here. The Google+ page is a nightmare! Can barely figure out how to find someone on the old G+ (and sometimes can't) and now they have the new G+ and we have no clue what goes on there. We only found you because you mentioned in your comments about posting Tues Tails and we saw this post on Tues Tales.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful fur babies with us. We hope that they all found wonderful forever homes soon after this posting. Have a great rest of your day and keep up these fantastic posts.
    World of Animals South Philadelphia


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