Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Early Valentine's Day

Happy early Valentine's Day. This post should have happened last year. The dresses and vest you see were started about this time last year. Needless to say, I didn't make that deadline. But, I decided it was ridiculous that I couldn't get them finished for this V-Day. 

On Super Bowl Sunday, I did a spiff up grooming for everyone. I have probably mentioned before that after we adopted Sophia, I taught myself grooming. I just knew before all was  over, I would have more than one Poodle. Usually I try to spread the grooming out over a week. But I decided to just go for it and get them all done. I guess you could say we had a Super Groom Sunday. 

Now to the garments; I loved to make frilly things for my girls when they were small. But now I only have grandsons. So Sophia and Millie have to put up with a few ruffles! I can't leave Niko out, so he has another vest.

The fabric is from Hancock Fabric (last year). 



And finally, our senior citizen and my Foster Fail, Millie

 Sophia taking a break. Modeling is hard work!

 And just an extra one of Niko. He seems to like having his picture taken.

The one down side to all this this is that I can't find the tie and collar I made for Dylan. He got to wear his for Christmas and now I can't figure out where I put it. IF I find it by Sunday, he gets his own post!

That's it until next time. Take care.  Terri and the Pack.

Today we are taking part in Thoughtless Thursday kindly hosted by And a big shout out to Rukus The Eskie, Owned By A Huskie, M.K. Clinton for hosting the Hop. 


  1. Happy early Valentine's Day. The outfits are too cute!

  2. Thanks, I decided to really pile on the lace, rick rack and ribbon. I usually don't load my designs down with decorative stuff. But this year I said, "Why not?", it's Valentine's Day.

  3. They are lovely. I'm not sure my Poodles would put up with that though.

    1. Mine get excited when they see the clothes coming (especially Sophia). They think they are getting to go somewhere.

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