Monday, October 28, 2013

Making The Scene At Bow Wow Ween

The Pup Society Report

Your ace Poodle reporters were on the job this weekend!

Our devilish good looking hosts, Christine and Myko

This weekend, we were the pup society reporters. We made the scene at Queen Of Paws Boutique's 
Bow Wow Ween

Of course, at The Queen Of Paws, it is never about just having fun (although there was much fun to be had!). This was also a charity event for Bark N Blues, an organization that helps homeless pets. 

We were first met by the ferocious dragon, Lulu. Lulu's mom Angie is the Queen Of Paws groomer. Bet you couldn't tell, huh?

Sophia and Niko observing and taking important mental notes of the party.

Crystal Wiebe and Scooby had their Beer Paws table set up. I had to have two Beer Paws, one in Poodle pink and one in Mizzou Black and Gold.  And the bottle sweaters were just too cute-being a knitter, one of those came home with me too!

When a soirée is in Kansas, Dorothy must be in attendance. 

Niko and a friendly lion getting to know each other

There were some pretty big Bumble Bees flying around!

These two little Poms had the wow factor down

Things got occasionally a little "Batty"!

And you didn't even need a costume to join in the fun!

And there is definitely a sauvé man-about-town. Scooby is modeling his new Debonair from the Sophia and Niko line.

That sums up this social event. I know two pooped Poodles who slept all the way home!


  1. What a fun looking time! Betcha you all had a blast!

  2. Awww! It was so nice for Scooby and I to meet you and the poodles in person on Saturday at Queen of Paws! Scooby is loving his new knit bandana. He hasn't taken it off since Bow Wow Ween! And you can be sure we'll be writing about it over at soon!! :)

  3. Great pawty and ace reporting on all the fun

  4. That looks like fun! So fun to see the pups in their costumes, although Rita wants nothing to do with any of that! Thanks for stopping by Pooch Smooches!


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