Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Tales-Raven And Owl

I worked today, so am getting my Tuesday's Tails in a bit late. This just came across my Facebook feed from a friend. 

 The description of these two in need is:

WARSAW, MISSOURI -URGENT - Contact Herb or Tamara at 660-428-2468 or e-mail hlblick3rd@aol.com or tamarablickhan@gmail.com.

Raven and Owl will be two years old next month. They are bonded brothers and must be adopted together. They are both neutered, up-to-date with routine vaccinations and have been microchipped. They are well litter box trained and are very clean. They are indoor cats only. They have never been outside.

Herb wrote: My wife has failing adrenal glands, amongst other maladies and I need to find a home for our two young indoor cats. Tamara cannot
handle the brother's hijinks, because of her worsening illness. She
is completely bedridden now.

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