Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Breakfast With Millie And Sophia

Sometimes it just nice to have breakfast in the bedroom and get away from those pesky boys. They are brothers but sometimes it's just good to have some girl time. 

Did we need a new bowl? Of course not. Did Sophia have to have a pink oh-la-la bowl with Poodles and the Eiffel Tower, YOU BET!

And Millie just loves food. It is the high light of her day. I just really love the blue bowl that we got a couple of months ago in our Bark Box.We use it all the time.

Well that is it for our Thoughtless Thursday and Barks and Bytes
And a big shout out to Rukus The Eskie, Owned By A Huskie, M.K. Clinton, Heart Like A Dog and Two Brown Dawgs for hosting these two great hops.

Terri and the Pack


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