Monday, June 17, 2013

An Interview With Sonja Of River Hill Rescue

 Here is our little family, ready to go somewhere. Well, everyone but Niko. He is always trying to find something to do but what he is suppose to. And I am not a tattle tale. I just tell it like it is!

Hi,it's Sophia.Today we have something very special. We are interviewing Sonja Wotring-Hicks. She is the lady who has a place called Riverhill Rescue in Warsaw, Missouri.

Dylan, Niko and I just didn't walk up to Mom and Dad's door and knock. We had to have help finding them. Sonja took us in at a time when we didn't have homes and kept us happy until our forever family found us. All three of us came from Riverhill Rescue so that makes us even a closer family. 

Mom wrote the questions. But, I had the idea of putting pictures from Riverhill's Petfinder list between each question. I think that was a great idea I had. Maybe someone else can find a home too. 

So here goes.......

1. Us:Did you have pets as a child? 

    Sonja: Yes.

This is Jackie. She is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She has needed a home
for a long time. Find out more about Jackie
2.   Us: Mom and you are about the same    
       age, so did you ever dream you would    
        be doing this when you were in your 20s?

       Sonja:To one degree or another I have  
        done this my whole life. Just never 
        dreamed it would take over my whole 

This is Chico. He is an Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix.
Find out more about Chico

3. Us: When and why did you decide to start 
     your own animal rescue? 

     Sonja: When the Animal Shelter here in 
     Warsaw closed I had no choice.  My 
     friend, Carol, who now runs Stover 
     Animal Control, and I took the few 
     dogs that were left at the Animal 
     Shelter and that is how it started.  

This is Sandy. She is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix.
Find out more about Sandy

4. Us: How important is social media? 

    Sonja: Social Media is great for 
               advocating for dogs that are in 
               danger or in kill facilities.

This is Tootsie. she is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix.
Find out more about her

5. Us:     We know there are a lot of hard 
             things to deal with in what you do. 
             What are two of the hardest?

    Sonja:  Seeing so many dogs that are in 
    dire circumstances and not being able 
    to help and not enough time.

This is Daisy. She is a Poodle!!!!!
To find out more about Daisy, click here.
6. Us: How has the Missouri Puppy mill 
    system affected your rescue? 

    Sonja: I have taken in many retired 
               adults and a few puppies with 
               health challenges.

This is Sister. She is a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix.
To find out about Sister, click

7. Us: There are a lot of private rescues. 
    What are some things we as a concerned 
    community can do to help you? 


1. Make folks aware that it is better to adopt than to buy.  Most any type of dog someone is looking for is available in public and private facilities.

2.Encourage folks to find ways to keep their pets instead of surrendering them to pounds, rescues etc.  Most of the time solutions can be found.

3. Foster dogs.  Some need short term fosters and some need long-term fosters.  

4.Offering to help transport dogs to other rescues.  If you are taking a trip to the city etc. ask if a local rescue needs help getting a pet there.  You can also sign up with local rescues as a volunteer to help transport.  Most of the"legs" are not too long.  
8. Us:What is the hardest type of animals to

    SonjaAll black dogs. Labs and lab 
    mixes, Shepherd mixes, and medium
    and large mixed breed dogs. The 
    hardest of all are the poor Pit Bulls and  
    Pit mixes. 
That wraps up our interview with Sonja. We just wanted to let her know how much we appreciated everything she does for all the homeless animals. And we know there are so many unsung heros in this cause. It does take a community to save one soul. So here is a shout out to the countless who foster, transport, and find homes for all of us. 

Licks and Kisses, 

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