Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tales Blog Hop-A Mother And Her Babies Need A Foster

Hi, This is Sophia. We are so excited to participate in the Tuesday Tale Blog Hop. For our friends who don't know what this is, here the lowdown.

Every Tuesday a group of bloggers feature someone who needs a home. Today, we have a pretty urgent one. 

A momma and her babies need someone or a group to help them. We got this though one of our Facebook friends.The family is located in Sedalia, Missouri.

A Mamma dog and seven 4-week-old puppies need out of the shelter ASAP!! The Mamma is a Pit mix, very sweet and loving dog. She loves everyone and is very easy going and easy to handle but she is getting very stressed living in a kennel with her babies. A Rescue / Foster / Sponsor needed! Please contact this person if you can help or know of anyone who can help:  toloveapet63@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading our post. I sure hope someone can help this family. I was rescued and know how nice it is to finally have my own bed!

Licks and Kisses,

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  1. So glad you joined the blog hop! Hope somebody will help this poor mommy and her babies. We will share!


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