Monday, July 29, 2013

We Found Some Poodle Pillows!

Hi, It's Sophia again. I was telling Mom that she needed to have more Poodle stuff to make her confortable and pillows are a great way to start. Here's some of the things we found when we went Internet window shopping. I love to go window shopping, don't you? I hope you enjoy what we found.

We found this great pillow at It's only $29.95. And there are loads more 
dog breeds to choose one. You just have to go look and see if you can find your favorite dog. They have 

sweatshirts and tee-shirts too.

We like the design idea of this one. But i wonder how well the felt poodle would stand up with use. It is found on ETSY and is $27.00

A simple little felt stitching project kit for $10
Recommended for ages 8 & up

This one is from a HGTV slideshow-we just couldn't find a source
This is a cute baby pillow-by the time we found it-there was no where to purchase it. I guess they stopped making the line.
This will always be one of our favorites from Kissed By Dogs. They have a lot of other Poodle pillows
and I am sure many other breeds also.

Well, All this pillow talked has made me sleepy. Until next time...yawn

Licks & Kisses.


  1. Great pillows! I have found some cool Italian Greyhound ones.

    1. Check out the Italian Greyhound things at


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