Monday, September 23, 2013


This past Saturday, many of us (two legged and four legged) gathered to help Christine Gregory and Myko celebrate their year celebration of Queen Of Paws Boutique. This shop is wonderland of puppy finery. It has been one of our top destinations since it opened. 

 Christine and  Myko

Sophia and Niko taking in the ambience

 Christine does not have an event without trying to find some Forever
Homes. These two cuties are Sadie and Hastings from Unleashed Pet Rescue. Look for them on Tuesday's Tails. 

Bonner Springs Rescue was there with not only dogs but some sweet kitties.

Sophia getting a mani-proceeds from the manis went to pet rescues. 

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 Big girls can have style too

The Father gave the blessing of the animals 

And oh the food!!!! Christine's Dad is a fantastic Greek chef. The faire was absolutely delicious!!!

Some were so happy they broke into dance!

Mom, Can I have some treats please?

Our hand knitted line Sophia and Niko debuted this week at Queen of Paws

There were so many other pictures that I created a special Picasa album. If you would like to see more: Click Here

There was also another important pet event happening in Kansas City. Wayside Waifs was having their Strut Your Mutt in the Brookside area. Some made it to both events. It was a busy Saturday! 


  1. What a fabulous party! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to make it. I do love your sweaters!

    1. Thank you, we do hope people will love them!

  2. This post was such a joy to do-such a great day to celebrate and wonderful lady and her fantastic boutique!


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