Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Little Nahla Needs A Home

Nahla is a little Corgi/Dachshund mix.  She is right at a year old and around 10-12 pounds. Nahla's family had to give her up because they had to many dogs. They were very unset, but she just had to find a new home. 

The family also had five children, so Nahla should be great around kids. In fact, she also gets along with all dogs and cats. 

Nahla is housebroken and walks on a leash. Sounds like a smart and an already trained dog to me. 

If you are interested in or know someone who is looking for the perfect sized companion, please check out Nahla's Petfinder Page

And look at that tail, it's a happy tail!


  1. I hope Nahla finds her forever home soon. Will share.


  2. So sad they had to give her up. Sharing!

  3. Awww, poor Nahla! Very sad that they have to give her up, but sometimes it's for the best, especially when there's too many dogs and they can't all get the love and care they deserve. Hope she finds a new family very soon! Will share!


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