Monday, October 7, 2013

Make A Travel Size No-Sew Pet Blanket

Last month I featured a DIY Dog Bed using a simple no sew technique. And I had leftovers from that project (two pieces of fabric about 24"x30")

It seemed to me, the perfect size for a travel blanket. I can either use it the Poodles' car-seat or on the seat itself for Dylan.

It has taken me a bit longer that I planned to to get this blanket finished. I took on one to many projects this past month. Does anyone else pull that one?

The Blanket

This blanket is the original no-sew fleece blanket like the ones I made my grandsons. 


  1. Two different polar fleece fabrics cut to the size of desired blanket. I was using left overs so I didn't worry about this step.
  2. Index cards to cut guides
  3. Scissors to cut fabric
That's about it. This project doesn't take much. 


Place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the wrong sides facing each other.

Step 2:

Cut 4" x 4.5"rectangles out of each corner. Make sure that the 4" side is parallel with the cross grain and that the 4.5" side is parallel with the grain. 

I've added a short demo on the difference of grains on polar fleece. This will explain the need to cut two different lengths of fringe. 

I cut rectangles rather than squares for this particle blanket because the cross grain on polar fleece is really stretchy.This blanket is put together with the tying technique. And tying will make the cross-grain ties longer. I add and extra 1/2" to the ties running with the grain. The ties look even this way. 

Step 3:

Cut 1" fringe. I highly recommend making a guide (I fold an index card) 1" x 4.5" with a 4" guide line. 

Step 4:

Tying the fringe. The advantages of using the tying method are:

  1. Super secure-these aren't coming out!
  2. It is more colorful than the "loop in the slit". The opposite side shows up much more in this method. 

Again, I am using a video to demonstrate this step. This link will take you to my You-Tube channel. Blogger didn't want to upload this one.  

I want to reiterate, a few points from the video. Always tug at each knot as you finish. This really sets the knot. 

Tying can bunch up the fabric, so it is important to give a small tug between ties. Don't tug to forcefully or you will hear an unwanted ripping sound. I am tell you this from experience!

Well, that about ties this post up. Hope you have fun with this. Maybe, Barney the cat won't take this one over at our house (only because it is going to be in the car)! 


  1. The blanket looks really lovely and comfy, you are very talented

    urban hounds

  2. ahhh, thanks-this one is so.........oooo easy. It's just picking out pretty material.

  3. Looks like Sophia and Nicki are enjoying their new blanket!

  4. They just love to go with us anywhere. This was Sat. when we went to the Huskers Days In Butler, MO.


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