Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday-Sweet Potato Chips


Today is not really a recipe. I am just reporting on something I'm hoping your whole family might find tasty this time of year. 

My husband, Michael surprised me with two heavy buckets of Sweet Potatoes from our garden. That's more than we can eat (even after we give some to our two-legged kids).

What to do with all this orange (organically raised, of course) goodness? 

I wondered if the four-legged members of the family would like sweet potatoes. So, half of a nice, big sweet potato went for our dinner, the other half for pup chips.

I cut this half of sweet potato fairly thin and in a variety of sizes for our variety of small to large dogs. 

I thinly spread olive oil on a large cookie sheet, put the sweet potato slices on it, and then sprayed them with Canola oil. 

My oven was set as low as it would go, probably around 175 degrees. The oven was on about three hours and I turned the chips every hour. I then turned off the oven and let them cool inside. 

This method just worked fine to make them dry out almost like potato chips. I do have a dehydrator and will drag it out next time to experiment using it with the chips. 

Each of our four-legged kids loves them, except Niko. He just spits them out. One has to be very sneaky with his veggies and fruits.  

* And just an extra note. When Michael read through this (these are his sweet potatoes after all), he asked me if I had any. I guess tomorrow I will be making more. There aren't any left in the bowl now. 

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