Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catching Up With Taz

For Thursday and Friday, we are taking part in the  Thoughtless Thursday by Ruckus the Eskie,  Owned by a Husky and M.K. Clinton. 

And we are going to join the Parade or Pet Parade that is. Pet Parade is hosted by Rascal and Rocco, Jan's Funny Farm, Bionic Basil, Love Is Being Owned By A Husky and Barking For The Bayou. Thanks guys for hosting all this fun!

Check down below for other great blogs to read!

In late June a wonderment in the form of a cat showed up on our back steps. We live in the middle of nowhere so this was a slight miracle. I did a post on how we "Tamed The Taz".

I just have a couple of photos to show.

Sometimes it is hard to sleep when your legs are so long.

Taz has turned out to be a very social kitty and sometimes probably overplays his hand with Barney. But, at least here Barney is putting up with him and letting share his space. 

That's it for today,  just a couple of photos. Until next time, take care...........Terri and the Pack

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