Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Caturday

I love that V-Day falls on a Caturday and just had to do this pic of Taz sleeping on my vintage Bertoia. I guess he came out of the woods and across a pasture to my back door( and I mean quite literally) so he could sleep on classic chairs. That's a Siamese for you.

He does look a bit grumpy, but I did just wake him up trying to take a photo. It's not very Valentiney, but those colors just don't go with pink and red. 

This is one cat the Poodles should be jealous of! So I am going to spend today sewing Valentine stuff for them. If I get things done by tonight, I might add them to this post. 

Here is my Poodle Valentine

And I had to show what was on my Valentine card that my husband gave me.

Happy Valentine Day Everyone


And just a little more about Harry Bertoia, if you are interested.

Here is my IG version. I hate changing my original concept for the format, but that is what you have to do :-((.


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