Saturday, July 25, 2015

Elllie And Her Fish Cave

Hello and I hope everyone has wonderful plans for their weekend. Even if it's sitting and relaxing at home.

Today is all about Ellie, my youngest daughter and her husband's kitty. They adopted Ellie when she was about 15 (we think) and have had her for four years.

Ellie does have health issues. Her kidney's are in a downward spiral and everyone is taking it one day at a time. She is on a special diet and had done incredibly better than we or her family vet thought she would.

Rachelle, (daughter) had seen the felted cat caves on ETSY and had viewed some YouTube videos on how to make them.

Now, it just so happens that my daughter is a multimedia artist who sometimes uses felting in her art work. I happen to own a bunch of sheep so we both have more fiber than we know what to do with. So you can probably guess what happened next.

About three weeks ago, Rachelle came down to the farm and felted the Fish Cave. And can you believe it, I didn't even take any process photos. I don't know what I wasn't thinking. So all I have is the end product.

The fish shape came accidentally. One side of the felting stuck together and looked like a top fin, so there you go. But there is no tail and she  said that was it. I don't blame her. Felting is time consuming.

This type of felting is called Nuno Felting. There is always some type of impermeable  structure between two layers of felt so they don't stick together. It's actually a little more complicated that that, but this is an animal blog, not arts and crafts. I will put some links below for for those who want to investigate a little more.

Rachelle did have some worries that Ellie wouldn't want to use her Kitty Cave. As you can see, those worries were unfounded.

The Sepia Saturday Blog Hop

I had three photos to work with. One photo was pretty much left alone (the top one). Next, I went Sepia for the Sepia Saturday Blog Hop.

And finally, here is the Watercolor version for the Caterday Art Hop.

Does anyone else dabble in the fiber arts? I am mainly a knitter myself. Here are some links for the Kitty Caves.

Some really cute ones can be found at Trili-Trili on ETSY

A list to DIY Kitty Caves on YOU TUBE

That's it for today. Everyone enjoy your weekend. We are going to stay home and take it easy and stay cool.

8/12/15-I have a sad update on Ellie. She went over the Rainbow Bridge last week. Her body pretty much crashed. Rachelle took her down to Joplin where our other daughter has her clinic. She just went to sleep first (Michelle always does that) and then Michelle relieved her of all her pain. Ellie is now in our front flower garden with those who have gone before her.

Terri and the Pack  

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