Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Checkin' You Out

Today we are contributing to Mischief Monday. Taz and BOB were just checking each other out Saturday. Taz backed off. 

 Occasionally one of our other critters make it on the blog. Living on a small farm, there are plenty.  BOB (short for Big Old Boy) and Taz were having a little "check you out" moment this weekend and I just happened to have my camera on me. Taz did back off. That was robably a wise choice on his part. 

BOB is a Muscovy, not the prettiest thing but interesting. One day last winter her just showed up in one of our ponds. One day we had four ducks and the next day we had five. I have my theory how he got here but that's neither here nor there. 

BOB is tame but hisses rather than quacks which is a trait of the males. So you always think he's mad but he not. In fact, he is rather tame and loves to come up to the house to get some eats. Our other four ducks don't hang with him and he is pretty much his own man. 

Muscovys have a crest that they can raise on will. BOB likes to fluff his quite often and we can decipher if it means any particular thing but I think it could mean any number of things. They also can fly but at low ranges. This is enough for him to get from pond to pond (we have three) but usually he just settles for walking. 

We would like to thank  Alfie's Blog and My 2 Brown Newfies for hosting the Mischief Monday Hop and check below to see what mischief others have been up to.

That's it for today and take care, I need to go give the chickens some corn.........Terri

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