Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meet Sabrina-An Older Lady Who Needs A Home

Great News-this little lady was adopted!

Today I have a little elder Poodle that was given to rescue because her elderly owner could not care for her anymore. I hate stories like this but you know that she had a lot of love growing up and is a great dog and just a tad gorgeous!. She just needs someone to give her a home for her golden years. 

I adopted an elder (Millie) two years ago and it has been an incredible experience. I hope this lady finds her Forever home soon. Look at her, she is a Queen.




About Sabrina

We welcome Sabrina into our LLDR Pack. She is almost 10 years old and came to us when her mother could no longer keep her due to health issues. She is currently 12 lbs. but is a little round and could loose a few pounds. She has a darling personality and loves attention. If you would like more information on adopting this cutie, please email us at LLDogRescue@yahoo.com

Here is Sabrina's Petfinder page with more contact information. 

That's it. This is a Blog Hop. Please check out  other folks in need. 

That's it, Terri  and the Pack


  1. What a pretty little old lady dog! Shared and hope she finds a loving home for her golden years soon.

  2. She is adorable in NYC area she'd be adopted in a minute

  3. She is adorable, I hope she finds a real furever home. I often wonder what they think living with someone for so many years and then that person disappears.

  4. oh I guess she's been adopted... my 14 year old standard might have loved having her move in

  5. Yay for Sabrina! So glad she was adopted!

  6. Sabrina, you are such an adorable senior doggy. Such a beautiful smile you have there. We hope you found a wonderful forever home. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
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