Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review-Saving Gracie

Carol Bradley's Saving Gracie; how one dog escaped the shadowy world of American puppy mills is a good read.

Saving Gracie is really three stories rolled into one book. Gracie is a King Cavalier Spaniel who was one of the rescues from a raid that starts this book. In the beginning Gracie is referred to as Dog #132.  Her personal story is woven throughout the three tales.

Part one is a chronicle of the Mike-Mar Kennel bust that was carried out in Pennsylvania during the winter of 2006. The story starts out with a tip given to the Chester County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals (SPCA). We experience the raid preparation, the outreach to the some 336 dogs that were rescued, and finally to the subsequent trial and conviction of Mike Wolf and his two partners.

Part two is Gracie’s story. This part follows her adoption by Linda Jackson and Gracie's  progress. Spending six years as a breeder in horrible conditions had its physical toll to start with. She was anemic, and had chronic ear and eye conditions. This was topped off with emotional issues that most puppy mill dogs have. To see this dog progress to a member of this family is wonderful. But it took perseverance and dedication on the part of Linda Jackson to make this happen.

Part three is an update up to 2010 on progress made in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the fight against puppy mills. Most of us know there has been progress and set backs in this area.

This book is worth reading. Carol Bradley has a background in investigating reporting and writes in an organized, engaging, and easy to read style. This is another one of these books that once I started reading I could not put down.

Extra note

Missouri is mentioned a few times in this book. I have lived in Missouri all my life. My Poodle, Sophia is a product of this puppy mill system. So, as it was a good read, sometimes it was a tough read. 


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