Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poodles In Fashion

 Today's post is much lighter in spirit than the last two I have written. I am bringing it over from The Journal. I wrote it when the fall fashion week was going on in New York. But every week is fashion week for me. So, here we go. 

Designers and fashion photographers have understood that Poodles complement good design. Poodles have shown up in fashion since the 19th century. Today's post will have fairly modern overview. Here are a few. 

I am starting out with the most recent. Isaac Mizrahi has again featured a Poodle with his designs. This time around, in promotion of his newest fragrance Fabulous. The campaign was photographed by Terry Richardson.

Ad campaign for Isaac Mizrazi's Fabulous. This was released past this Summer.  Isaac doesn't own a Poodle but seems to use them a lot in his work. 

Model Coco Rocca. Vogue 2008

Model Audrey Marnay in white Dior with a white Poodle. Vogue, 1999

Natalia Semanova, Arthur Elgort, 1999. Vogue UK,  2009

Vogue Brazil

Model Natalia Vodianova-July Vogue, 2007

So, until next week-Fashionably Yours, Sophia

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