Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday's Tails-Puppy And Bean

Here I am again with another Standard Poodle.  Let me introduce Puppy. He is from Spartanburg, South Caroline.  He was picked up on the side of the road. I can't believe that a Standard Poodle was wandering around without a home, but that seems to be the case. 

What a beautiful boy. But Puppy comes with Bean. The South Caroline Poodle Rescue will not separate them. They tried it once and Bean got physically sick. He only got better when they reunited him with Puppy. Bean is a Pitt Bull Terrier and the bond between these two boys is super super strong.

Here is Bean. He and Puppy pretty well match in color, don't they. Both boys tested for light Heart-worm positive. This means that they are only given a small pill once a month until they test clean. We had a heartworm  positive Lab once who had to go through some pretty major stuff so this once a month pill is no biggie as far as I am concerned. 

Anyone who follows me, knows that we have a Pit mix and how I feel about the poor attitudes against the Pitties.  They are incredible great dogs if (like any dog) raised in the correct atmosphere. 

I do realize it will take a very special person to take on two puppies. I am sure Puppy is full of energy. Dreamweaver Farms where South Carolina Poodle Rescue must be located, will not ship dogs. You have to go and meet them. It would be $400 for both these boys.  So here's to Bean and Puppy finding their perfect home together. 

If you know anyone who would like to take on two beautiful boys, please have them go to Puppy's PROFILE or  Beans PROFILE.

This is a blog hop so there are going to be other great dogs and cats who need homes. Please check out the blogs below for other deserving folks.

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