Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday's Tails-Meet Aberdeen

Meet Aberdeen! 

Aberdeen is an energetic, beautiful, energetic, affectionate, (did we mention energetic?) pure-bred Standard Poodle with a rough and tumble attitude. Her favorite activities include playing fetch, roughing it up with the boys, snuggling with her foster mom and sleeping on top of her foster brother. She warms to women fairly easily, but is timid and weary of men. Aberdeen will relax around men, but must do so in her own time. Due to her high energy level, (springs and bounces galore!), she would prefer to be around older children who have both feet firmly on the ground. 

Because of her large and in-charge attitude, she would do best with other active dogs and would like to have one in her forever home. She loves to play to wear her out and drain her energy. If she hasn't had enough exercise, she will let you know by bringing you all the toys she can, begging for a game of fetch! Aberdeen is fostered and does well with other dogs, but she doesn't play too well with the cats in her foster home, so a home without feline friends is preferred. Aberdeen is crate trained and housebroken, but needs to be kept on a strict schedule. She knows most basic commands and we are told she is agility trained. We haven't had a chance to test it out, but she picked up on a couple of tricks in only a matter of minutes including jumping up on and leaping between two elevated surfaces! She is very bright and would love an adopter who would continue training her.

She needs an experienced adopter who is familiar with Standard Poodles and their energetic needs who is willing to set and stick to firm boundaries. Aberdeen unfortunately spent roughly one third of her life crated in a basement, and she has some resource guarding when it comes to food items but is working on overcoming this in her foster home with reassurance and positive reinforcement. If you think you can keep up with this girl-on-the-go, fill out an application online today!

If you or anyone you know would like this gorgeous girl (mind she will come with your work cut out for you) please check out her Petfinder Bio  HERE. 

She is just your typical Standard, Super Beautiful, Super Intelligent and Super Energetic. 

Let's hope this beautiful girl finds her perfect home. 

Terri and the Pack

I know I am featuring some pretty hard to place dogs. So far none of my Poodles have found homes as of yet.  Next week I made to a class photo album from the past month to sort of re-feature them.  

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  1. Aberdeen is gorgeous. I can't believe none of them have been adopted :( Sharing.


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