Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Tails-Meet Kami

Hi all, It's Tuesday again. Time to introduce a lovely girl names Kami. At the moment she is waiting for her Forever Home in Southern Pines, North Caroline. She is a Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever Mix. 

Kami is a big girl... Active and Intelligent! She needs a family that has time for training! Teenagers would be great but her crazy energy is too much for small children. We rescued her from a County Shelter where her owners said they were moving and couldn't take her because they couldn't put up with her energy anymore.
She loves loves loves to play fetch and returns 98% of the time!!! She needs a loving and patient family. Visit www.solutionsforanimals.org to complete a Consideration Form! We do recommend if you are serious about adopting to submit the form prior to visiting! This also helps facilitate the adoption process and allows the form to go to the adoption counselor for the animal you are interested in adopting! The proper counselor can then answer your questions! Thank you!

Like all Standards and Labs, Kami needs someone who will dedicate themselves to her training. That was probably lacking with her previous owners. 

As with all the Poodles I have been featuring the last month, Kami is safe where she is but would be a lot happier if she had her own peeps. 

Please let anyone know who is looking for an active intelligent girl please let them know about her. Here Bio can be found on Petfinder.  

Take care until next time, Terri and the Pack.

This is a Blog Hop so check out other folks who need homes below. 

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